Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Convert .ogv files to avi using mencoder

Convert .ogv to avi with sound

mencoder wgrass.ogv -ovc xvid -oac mp3lame -xvidencopts pass=1 -o wgrass.avi

Convert .ogv to .avi without audio

mencoder wgrass.ogv -ovc xvid -oac nosound -xvidencopts pass=1 -o wgrass.avi

Merge .mp4 files

mencoder -forceidx -ovc copy -oac pcm -o out.avi 1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 5.mp4 6.mp4 7.mp4 8.mp4 9.mp4 10.mp4 11.mp4 12.mp4 13.mp4 


  1. Find the guide in Google. Type How to convert OGV files on Windows and Mac in Google. You will be able to find the other solution.

  2. I use iDealshare VideoGo to convert OGV to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG etc.
    Here is the easy guide https://www.idealshare.net/video-converter/ogv-to-avi-or-avi-to-ogv.html

    It also helsp to convert video to OGV